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Lifehacker - Build a Rotating Shelf to Keep Canned Goods at Hand [DIY] - Don't let canned goods go to waste. Use a rotating shelf to inspire recipes and keep your cans from hiding at the back of the pantry. WikiHow details how to build a rotating canned food shelf that works in whatever cabinet space you've got. How does [...]
GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them. - Superpowers I wish I had - Superpowers I wish I had Graph by That_Guy_Behind_You, via our GraphJam builder.
TechCrunch - Should An iPhone App Developer Charge Or Run Ads? (Galaxy Impact Case Study) - This is a guest post written by Bo Wang from iPhone app developer house Team iBokan, part of Bokan Technologies, about the lessons learned while conducting a pricing experiment on brick game Galaxy Impact, the company's first iPhone application. For[...]

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