Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 19 March to 20 March

From my Twitter stream:
thu 11:20pmI've hardly read twitter today, even worse than yesterday. if I missed anything important, feel free to yell at me.
thu 11:20pm@spinnerin IF I get a job in time, I shall totally attempt to help and/or attend.
fri 12:15pmOops. Spent the week worrying about LB, forgot to find three new jobs to apply for. But, have found two in five minutes looking at CL. la.
fri 01:11pmneed to spend less time on apache ssl and postfix tls, and more time looking for work. yes?
fri 02:57pmOh, hello wind and rain.
fri 02:59pmYes, I get it, it's rainy. Shut up, wind!
fri 03:15pm@mcmoots would be cool to see that. I remember sending @dianthus a picture of sunny skies while she was getting hail.
fri 03:24pmsunset heights: sunny, windy, no rain.
fri 04:47pmI suppose I should have spent the day catching up on BSG instead of looking for a job. Must make sure to watch it tomorrow, before internet.
fri 05:11pm@jani_s I'm two weeks behind, I think. Maybe three, but I don't think so.
fri 05:22pmBwahahaha. Thanks, Google Operating System:
fri 06:10pm@dianthus uh.. last one I saw was... "someone to watch over me" so.. two behind, plus tonight's?

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