Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
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Twitter posts from 17 March to 18 March

From my Twitter stream:
tue 11:00pmInbox: 6. Sightseer inbox: 108. Guess what I'll be working on tomorrow? (assuming no job offer)
tue 11:00pmwell, no, even if I /do/ get an offer tomorrow, that's what I'm working on. I'll just get distracted for a while.
wed 11:04am@mcmoots yay!
wed 11:14am@troyd I have an IP address and am always a stellar experience.
wed 11:14am@troyd well, ok. I have an IP address, anyway.
wed 11:57amThere are rather a lot of idiots in the world.
wed 12:52pmSightseer unread: 20. All other accounts: 8. Progress. But now, headache.
wed 12:52pmMostly from people insisting I fix the bad images, or that they can /see/ the triangles in the bermuda triangle.
wed 01:26pm"Your Mars Society membership has expired on 2009/03/18." ::(
wed 01:42pm@kerrizor I haven't been able to afford the postage.
wed 01:57pmMaybe I should go get caught up on BSG.
wed 01:58pmThere's an irony I don't appreciate to the fact that, now that I can spend all my time watching TV, I don't wanna watch TV.
wed 02:41pm@kerrizor that /would/ explain what i've seen of BSG 4.5...
wed 03:55pmStrongly considering declaring TV bankruptcy on Terminator and Chuck, and avoiding getting into Dollhouse.
wed 04:41pm@mcmoots talk to @tommusic about his beer-thirty app.
wed 05:02pm@tedder42 Term's been less engaging this season. Chuck I'm just way behind on. DH I haven't even started yet.
wed 05:43pmWho among my followers has pull with the unicode standards people? We /need/ a WTF ligature glyph.
wed 06:21pmInbox: 4. Sightseer: 0. greader: 0. podcasts: 0.
wed 06:22pminbox: warranty paperwork. party invitee. project proposal. adsense notice. tsk.
wed 06:52pm@darkmane ... html?
wed 06:52pm@darkmane konfabulator aka yahoo widgets is pretty easy.
wed 08:38pmOh, and Heroes, which I've just completely given up on at this point.

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