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Inputs & Outputs - The anti-NDA - I recently had someone ask me to sign an NDA so they could share three sentences about their business.  It occurred that while many people have asked for that, I can't think of one who has started and run a business - as President/CEO for a [...]
Shoebox - quote of the day - "Kiss me, I'm Belgian and we don't have our own cool holiday." - Cat
Shoebox - -
Boing Boing - Own an English village - The village of Linkenholt, England goes on sale this week. It consists of 22 homes and cottages, two blacksmiths, and a cricket field. The asking price is 22-25 million pounds ($31-35 million). From Reuters: The archetypal English village is nestled[...]
Slashdot - 95M-Year-Old Octopus Fossils Discovered - mmmscience writes "A new study published in Paleontology is a truly terrific find. Not only did a group of European scientists find a fossilized octopus, they found five complete fossils that show all eight legs in great detail, including a ghost of [...]
ThinkGeek :: What's New - Books : The Pig and the Box - And finally, teach your kids about the evils of DRM. DRM. It's evil. But how do we get the world to change? By teaching the young about how evil it is - with this cute little book. They will learn, they will grow, and life will change. Because shari[...]

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