Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
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Twitter posts from 13 March to 14 March

From my Twitter stream:
fri 10:55pm@mcmoots it looks quite horrible. But most good things do, when first entering the crock pot. ::)
fri 11:11pm@mcmoots I can't even begin to enumerate my reactions to that.
sat 10:44amyay, upgraded to google voice. whee, a /dollar/ of free international calling. pity I never call internationally.
sat 10:57amtempted to ask someone to send me a text, but worried if I put my number up on twitter, I'll be inundated.
sat 10:57amah, what the hell. Anybody wanna send me a text? 206-TOOL-COW.
sat 11:07am@jedifreeman well, yeah. but by "someone" i meant "Everyone"
sat 11:21amBwahaha. They proxy the text messages, so replies from me show up as being from the google voice number. awesome.
sat 11:27am@vixy Theeef!
sat 12:00pmWho was it who sent "LOL. Tool cow."? You aren't in my address book, and it didn't have a name.
sat 02:10pmdaaaamn. Available $49500.00
sat 02:11pmSome day, baby.
sat 02:21pm@sheridanzig am I just /really/ unobservant? I never saw any when I was working there.
sat 02:30pm@sheridanzig lucky you.
sat 02:41pmWhy is dynadot saying is taken, when their own whois comes up with nothing and there's no dns?
sat 02:44pmhm. they say and .info are taken, and, .org, and .info. the only one that shows in whois is
sat 02:46pmI should clarify. I mean the unicode versions thereof.
sat 03:22pm@tereshkova2001 we're all half-disappointed in you both.
sat 08:03pmreading:

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