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Twitter posts from 13 March

From my Twitter stream:
fri 12:50amreinstalling the entire rails subsystem and all rails on rigel. shockingly, nothing broke in the process. so far.
fri 12:51amer.. s/rails/gems/.
fri 12:54amoookay. rigel is now properly set up with gems 131 and rails 222. whew.
fri 12:55ammeans I can sleep now, without worrying about anything ruby related exploding overnight. tomorrow, maybe 2.3.0 upgrade.
fri 12:57amLB interview in 12 hours 33 minutes. I hope it goes well. Really well. Really Really Well.
fri 12:57am*tries not to sound desperate*
fri 12:59am*wonders about ways to integrate lunch-o-clock with obey-the-decider*
fri 12:59am*decides he's getting scattered and should go to bed&
fri 12:59am... also can't type. yeah. bed. night all.
fri 11:53amLB interview in 1 hour 38 minutes.
fri 11:54amOkyrhoe is now running Hardy. Continuing on to Intrepid. Might be a real boy by evening.
fri 11:55am@tommusic we'll talk about remote APIs later.
fri 12:02pm*wibble*
fri 12:18pmtick. tick. tick. the waiting really can be the worst part.
fri 12:19pm@GeekGirlsRule hasn't happened yet. hence the stress. holding back on the panic attack for now, until I really need it.
fri 12:23pm@GeekGirlsRule has been for a while, sadly.
fri 12:42pm1st and jackson. say... 40 minutes, for travel and parking and being early. way too much. 30 feels to little. 35?
fri 12:43pm"too". I even thought I'd corrected that.
fri 12:50pmok. starting prep to head out. talk at you soon.
fri 01:22pmAt LB offices. Small, unassuming. Good location. Am early, one interviewer not arrived yet. Waiting is.
fri 02:35pmInterview complete. Seems good. Seemed to go well. Should hear mid next week. *wibble*
fri 02:56pmTell me i'm pretty and that I deserve this job?
fri 03:00pmAlternately, tell me i'm petty and that I don't. Your call.
fri 03:20pm@mcmoots I think I'm supposed to spend time with @beaq, but I don't recall specific plans.
fri 03:25pm@Jamgrrl far too frequently of late.
fri 03:36pm@mcmoots the lamb and guinness almost sounds good, tho I don't care for either. Mayhaps, mayhaps.
fri 03:46pm@ann_lewis that makes me incredibly sad.
fri 03:46pmor, maybe I was already incredibly sad, and it just made it worse. I dunno anymore.
fri 03:57pm@ann_lewis very nice. Thank you. ::)
fri 04:55pmCalling tmo customer service, and they start off with "thank you for your loyalty" and want to bounce me to a person to talk about it.
fri 05:04pmok, switched over to the loyalty plan. la la.
fri 05:40pm@sheridanzig you're very strange. but your icon cheers me up.
fri 06:16pmiiiinteresting. I plugged in Thereus. Thereus, who was marked 'bad hd'. It's... booting.
fri 06:59pm@sheridanzig you provide the vampires, I'll do the sales.
fri 07:02pm@TheOnion hehehe. whale christ. I like that.
fri 07:08pmmany miles, wandering from room to room. many trees slain just to route it to you.
fri 07:09pmyeah, yeah. I know.
fri 08:29pm@rdicker amen.
fri 08:30pmHardware and office supply store fail. no dual lock at either. will try better hardware store tomorrow, or something
fri 08:49pmI just discovered that the dorsal button on my sidewinder mouse pops the cursor to the upper-left of screen 1. useful.
fri 09:09pmDamnit. google reader really needs a way to filter out read items. I want a feed of all unread!
fri 09:12pmWelcome to my followers, Dan Wegner, SEO. Why are you here? ::)
fri 09:13pmIt's hard to come up with a good way to ask someone "WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME!?!" without it sounding like they're unwelcome.
fri 09:16pmThe mechanism I'm using for counting my unread greader items, if I have any old enough, they don't get counted. need a better system.
fri 09:38pmI should start a list of reasons I need to find a job. the order of the list will change thru the day, as my priorities shift.
fri 09:38pmRight now, first would be "need to add comcast internet, for streaming hulu". This T1 isn't fast enough.
fri 09:38pmI think "need to get my hair put back to normal" would probably be pegged in second place.

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