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MAKE Magazine - Roomba horny toad wool cosy - This is creepy and weird in a totally "I SO want that on MY Roomba" sorta way! It's a cover for the Roomba, the "i-Toad," made from needle felted Romney and Jacob wool and glass eyes. And you thought the housepets were freaked out about your Roomba b[...]
Slashdot - MacBook Modded With Second Monitor Inside Logo - Shared by Marty I would so pay to have someone do that to my mbp, when I get it. An anonymous reader from the Macmod forum wrote in with this appealing hack: "This is one of the coolest mods I've seen all year. Mac Moder EdsJunk submitted this mod[...]
Boing Boing - Jon Stewart slaughters crazy finance guy Jim Cramer -- video - Crooks and Liars has early video-caps of Jon Stewart slaughtering Jim Cramer (CNBC's insane finance clown) on last night's show. If you only watch one Internet video this morning, it should be this one: Tonight we had the big face-off, the heavyweig[...]
Slashdot - Libel Suits OK Even If Libel Is Truthful - Defeat Globalism writes to tell us that many journalists, bloggers, and media law specialists are concerned about a new ruling by a US Court of Appeals in Boston. The new ruling is allowing a former Staples employee to sue the company for libel after[...] Updates - Apple Adds Still More DRM to iPod Shuffle - Even as it attacks DRM on music, Apple is continuing to add more DRM to its own hardware (we recently documented all of Apple's various hardware DRM restrictions). The latest example is the new iPod Shuffle. According to the careful reviewers at iLou[...]
High Performance Web Sites - Performance Impact of CSS Selectors - A few months back there were some posts about the performance impact of inefficient CSS selectors. I was intrigued - this is the kind of browser idiosyncratic behavior that I live for. On further investigation, I'm not so sure that it's worth the tim[...]
Lifehacker - Contxts is a Text Message Replacement for Business Cards [Contacts] - If carrying around regular old business cards seems really old-fashioned (or you've just run out), Contxts is your SMS alternative. Hand out a username, and anyone can text for your contact details. The concept is pretty simple, and requires only a c[...]

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