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Twitter posts from 11 March to 12 March

From my Twitter stream:
wed 10:32pmFinally broke down and wrote a proper UTF-8 translator for my lj autoposters. This brought to you by
wed 10:33pmWhee! http://➔.ws/ᅥ
wed 10:33pmAww. twitterific doesn't recognize it as a url. I'm totally shocked. ::)
wed 10:50pmIt's always weird in the evening to have to unlock my phone. It locks after 4 hours.
wed 11:11pm@dianthus not recalled?
wed 11:11pm@dianthus you know, that would be a lot funnier if everybody else had misread it the same way I did.
thu 11:26amPutting Sing Along from HTBaMS(L) on stereo. MAking ramen. Wondering why I bother breathing anymore.
thu 12:16pm@xopherg not enough sun to power solar car?
thu 12:16pm@xopherg or solar friends?
thu 12:32pmWaaaaa! "Your account is not yet ready to be upgraded. Please check back shortly."
thu 01:08pmTexts cost /me/ money, after the first 300. technically, the first 300 cost too, since I'm paying $5/mo for them or somesuch.
thu 01:08pmWhich reminds me, I should call t-mo about that 'loyalty' plan. $10 more per month, never worry about minutes again? hmm.
thu 01:19pm@jani_s which plan? the tmo loyalty plan?
thu 01:19pm@hollyking ja. I don't use enough to justify paying for more, but i'd /like/ to have unlimited.
thu 01:19pm@hollyking unlimited minutes would be better tho. I use the phone more when looking for a job, and went about $1.83 over last month.
thu 01:24pm@hollyking heh. I hardly ever text anymore. I /occasionally/ have reminders texted to me, and once in a while L or L will text me, but.
thu 01:24pm@hollyking most of what I do is data-plan based. lots of mobile twitter access, frex.
thu 01:34pm@Jamgrrl Heh. I'd have tens of thousands sitting around in drawers, ticking away.
thu 02:05pm@jani_s well, I've got an iphone too, so, best of both. Does the loyalty plan come with texts? the website wasn't clear.
thu 02:34pm@jani_s I do. And that's disappointing but unsurprising. Ah well.
thu 05:43pmIs /anybody/ using microsoft's little 2d 'tag's? i have yet to see one in the wild. not that I see many qrcodes either.
thu 05:47pmi don't really need 6 barcode scanners on my fone. 2d sense and neoreader seem to be most flexible. maybe drop the rest.
thu 07:37pmWondering if there are any non-square rectangular 2d barcode formats with common cellphone support. I'm guessing no, if I haven't seen them
thu 07:39pmI'd like something to put on the back of moocards, that would be big enough to scan reasonably.
thu 07:41pmMy first moocards arrived today. They're nice, but am thinking I shoulda put more design effort into them.
thu 08:57pmSo far, I've managed to get Sekhmet and Chariklo running happily again. Working on Okyrhoe, and finding it's still Feisty. Upgrading now.
thu 08:58pmAnybody have a broadband connection and need a small quiet NAT box in exchange for some bandwidth?

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