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Boing Boing - High-resolution Tetris - Having too much fun playing Tetris? Why not suck all the enjoyment out of it by playing it in HD? High-Rez Tetris (via Kottke) Previously:Tiny Tetris in a wide, wide well - Offworld
O'Reilly Radar - Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies. - Two Thousand People Singing Daisy Bell Together via Mech Turk - Bicycle Built for Two Thousand from Aaron on Vimeo. Have you ever heard two thousand people sing and harmonize together? Bicycle Built For Two Thousand splices together over two thousand audio samples to sing the public domain song Daisy Bell, the[...]
Ironic Sans - Idea: Progressively Packed Produce - I go to the grocery store, and I see delicious-looking ripe bananas. I buy three of them, figuring I'll eat them over the next day or two. Inevitably, I don't eat as much banana as I think I will, and one or more of them ends up getting overripe and [...]
MAKE Magazine - Flashback: Diminutive Balls of Fire - What do you get when you mix a glo-plug, a large binder clip, flash cotton, a momentary pushbutton switch, and a few other ingredients? One serious way to get someone's attention! Back in lucky MAKE Volume 13, Joel Johnson showed us how to shoot fire[...]
Lifehacker - Because TinyURLs Just Aren't Tiny Enough [URLs] - Someone must have heard your complaints about TinyURLs not being tiny enough. Through the magic of Unicode, makes your URLs even more minuscule. How tiny? turned Lifehacker's URL into http://➡.ws/투, TinyURL by [...]

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