Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 10 March to 11 March

From my Twitter stream:
tue 10:17pmUbuntu, why must you throw me into a framebuffer console EVEN ON A SERVER INSTALL?
tue 10:17pmAnybody know a way to definitively KILL/MURDER/DISABLE/DO-AWAY-WITH frame buffer? preferably from grub params, so I can /boot/ this system?
tue 10:22pm@dagard nope.
wed 12:41pmI hate you all. (nothing personal, just a statement of policy. exceptions will be made.)
wed 12:42pmI did not sleep well last night. I am very tired and cranky today.
wed 12:45pmHow the hell is it almost 1 already? It's been like this all week.
wed 01:36pmoookay then. looks like this machine is just spitting out bad video. that's awesome. not.
wed 01:36pm'cause, if it isn't working on the 17" lcd, it isn't working, period.
wed 02:19pmjeos boots, no problems. no video defects. so, what is it in intrepid that breaks the video on the dectop?
wed 02:54pm@icebluenothing that too.
wed 03:46pmubuntu intrepid rescue boot wont recognize the dectop's hard drive. gave up randomly trying drivers. Trying hardy.
wed 03:57pmubuntu intrepid install/rescue apparently no longer includes the ide-disk module. WTF. W, TF.
wed 05:03pmalrighty then. if I boot sekhmet into 2.6.25-2-386, I get the green line video noise. if I boot into 2.6.24-19-365, it works fine.
wed 05:50pm@pinguerin *ships you some peanut butter and rat traps*
wed 06:10pmmelchett has problems with 2.6.25-2 as well. has other, weird problems with 2.6.24-23, but NOT the video problems. trying .22-16
wed 06:11pmORLY? .22-16 broken as well. iiiiiinteresting.
wed 06:34pma'ight. there's definitely something Wrong with certain versions of ubuntu's kernel package on this hardware. every setting fails.

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