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Random pointless introspection of little or no value.

While it could easily be argued that I should be spending the time looking for a job, I /do/ have a lot of time on my hands right now. I've been thinking about rewriting both Invitotron and SixMore in rails, with various improvements and redesigns accompanying, for a while now. I've been hesitant to embark on them, because, hey, that's a lot of work.

But, it occurred to me yesterday... I wrote a social networking site /in a weekend/. Three waking days to go from "hm, I should..." to "hey, it works.". And that was in mod_perl, without benefit of mason or any other templating system. And these are sites that already /exist/. I have the design, I have the database, I have the algorithms. It's not like I'm reinventing them from scratch. Just porting so I can make improvements during and later.

And then there are Lunch-o-clock and Taskomat and Tortured Yuppie, and all the other things I've got sitting around waiting for attention. I've had a month and a half. Why haven't I managed to churn out at least alpha versions of all of those already?

What the hell's stopping me?
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