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Boing Boing - Own a Frank Lloyd Wright home - This gorgeous home just two hours north southeast of San Francisco could be yours for just $2.7 million. That's not bad considering it's in California, has 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, and is 3,700 square feet on 80 acres. Oh yeah, it was also designed [...]
TerraPass blog - Getting rid of the gas tax - by Adam Stein This sort of flew under the radar, but a few weeks ago a federal commission floated the idea of eventually replacing the gas tax with a tax based on the number of miles driven each year. What happened next[...]
Shoebox - Easiest Things to Give Up for Lent - Big League Chew Your virginity Saying, "Back at 'cha!" Yodeling Rob Schnieder films Haggis Hope "King of Queens" reruns All investments with Bernie Madoff
Bad Astronomy - Spread the joy of astronomy with a Galileoscope - 400 years ago this year, people first started turning the newly invented telescope to the sky, and were astonished at what they saw. Galileo, not a fool when it came to self-promotion (though he stumbled a bit later in life), drew up what he saw and [...]
Slashdot - iTunes Gift Card Key System Cracked, Exploited - moonbender writes "Fake but working iTunes gift cards are being sold on Chinese auction sites for a fraction of their value: 'The owner of the Taobao shop told us frankly that the gift card codes are created using key-generators. He also said that he[...]
Boing Boing - All are welcome to express themselves in the box below - Gama-Go's Greg Long just snapped this photo of a roll-up door in San Francisco. Click the image to see it larger. Here's what's written on the door above and below the graffiti: All are welcome to express themselves in the box below. Printing withi[...]
TerraPass blog - Use the microwave - by Pete Davies When reheating food, or cooking small portions, use the microwave instead of the oven or range. How this helps Because it takes so much less time to cook in the microwave, you use a lot less energy -- even if the microwav[...]

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