Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 08 March to 09 March

From my Twitter stream:
sun 11:35pmGods damnit all. One of the tubes in my soft-side waterbed mattress has been leaking. For a while, apparently.
mon 12:19amThose poor duplo.
mon 09:54amAm awake. Not overly thrilled to be.
mon 09:58amPlan for the day: ramen. File UI claim. Buy waterbed patch kit and check prices on replacement. Maybe see Watchmen.
mon 10:33amRamen: cooked and largely poked-at. UI: claimed.
mon 11:01am@sdotsnow sunrise heights, 80+% cloud cover, no precip. traces of unmelted snow on ground.
mon 11:08amHm. If I'm going to see watchmen at the cinerama today, I think the 1230 show's the only reasonable option. Means I'd best get moving.
mon 11:13amAnybody care to join me?
mon 11:30amI'll take that as a no. I should go get dressed.
mon 11:36am@VoltRedmond Hello and welcome to my follower list. Have you considered resizing your icon so it doesn't just say 'OL'? ::)
mon 11:37am@pinguerin You should set up a new twitter account that just auto-posts, every day, the number of plagarists in your classes that day.
mon 11:42am@pinguerin you underestimate the entertainment value of the internet.
mon 11:42am@pinguerin the zeros would make the non zeros that much more exciting.
mon 11:43amGuess I'll head out.
mon 12:17pmAt cinerama. Lucked out on parking - someone was leaving as I arrived. I swear these seats keep getting narrower.
mon 12:18pmCinerama was awesome once. Now it's just the best screen and the amenities mostly suck. We need a Warren. Or I need to move back to Wichita.
mon 12:24pm@kerrizor exacty. And i'll choose it over pacplace for that reason. But only that reason. AMC has been increasingly lame the past few years.
mon 12:24pm@kerrizor used to be I liked pacplace over meridian. Not for a long time.
mon 04:26pmWho are you to say the machines are wrong for wanting to destroy you entire species?
mon 04:27pm@tommusic I did. Sounds closer to what i'm looking for.
mon 05:02pmI've got vinyl glue on my fingers. And a really lousy patch job on a waterbed tube. But, maybe I'll be able to sleep in my real bed tomorrow
mon 05:15pmTransfering my Stickies into @evernote. Damn, there are a lot of these things.
mon 05:21pm%A, %X, %W, ^%V, %tab. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
mon 05:50pm@Elocinnuala sure
mon 06:12pmWait, what? How can 8% of the populace believe president Obama is responsible for the current economic situation?
mon 06:12pmMaybe they really /do/ believe the executive branch is all-powerful. They were told it for so long...
mon 06:18pm@hollyking then my question changes to 'only 8%'.

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