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Items shared from Google Reader:
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - Facing App Store limbo, StarPlayr developers give up and go home - Filed under: Bad Apple, iPhone, App StoreLast November, as visions of cranberries and turkey danced in our heads, the first tidbits about a forthcoming Sirius/XM app for the iPhone began to emerge on the Howard Stern fan forums. In January, the satel[...]
Slashdot - Apple's iPhone Developer Crisis - David Gerard writes "iPhone development sounds closed-shop but simple -- apply to be a developer, put application on the App Store, you and Apple make money. Except Apple can't keep up with the request load -- whereas getting a developer contrac[...]
MAKE Magazine - Night of the Living Dead Pixels - Peter writes in the comments about Blender. He and his mates did an independent study to learn Blender, an open source software platform for 3D design and animation. The results of their work is a clever short film titled The Night of the Living De[...]

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