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Twitter posts from 06 March to 07 March

From my Twitter stream:
fri 11:32pmso, okcupid's quickmatch is now a single 1-5 scale, instead of dual, and their emails about it as MUCH more obnoxious. Tsk.
fri 11:42pminterestingly, they say, frex, "Someone near Lacey chose you on QuickMatch!". Tho, that doesn't help much.
sat 12:02am@drakemonger ok. I could give you the password to my okcupid account. That should keep you entertained for a few microseconds.
sat 12:02am@drakemonger
sat 12:06am@drakemonger actually, I was thinking of going to bed. It's that or resume learning iphone programming. or learn objective-c better, really.
sat 12:06am@drakemonger heh. This would probably be a good way to demonstrate how wrong you've been.
sat 12:10amYeah, going to bed. maybe tomorrow some work outside, if the weather's good enough. if not, obj-c. or.. I dunno. something.
sat 11:12amLa la snow. So much for working outside.
sat 11:27am@sistawendy well, I was thinking of fixing the yard lights. And maybe cleaning the hot tub.
sat 11:34am@hollyking The hot tub was drained two weeks ago for cleaning.
sat 11:34am@hollyking And even then, no. outside of the tub it's rarely warmer than ambient,
sat 11:34amUpgrading Cydia.
sat 11:35am*wonders what would have happened if he'd clicked 'install' on cyntact before upgrading cydia*
sat 11:39am@hollyking 'cept it's snowing, and I'm not gonna go play in the near-freezing water to clean it.
sat 11:43am@saurik Just finished my first purchase. Setup process was a bit tedious, but didn't run into any problems.
sat 11:43am@hollyking I'm really not.
sat 11:44amok, having installed Cyntact, I now need to hunt around and find pictures for all my contacts. I started doing that long ago...
sat 02:01pm@jani_s eh, s'all gone now. Still too cold to work tho.
sat 04:06pm5yo book on Obj-C, blue man group DVD, lovesac, and natural sunlight. This is my day.
sat 05:01pm@dianthus had if trucked in from BC
sat 05:01pm@dianthus it's actually mostly sunny here. Very bright.
sat 05:18pm@dianthus
sat 07:13pmAutoarchiver appears to have lost 5800 messages. Wonder where they went. Glad I made a backup
sat 08:29pmUpdated my dashboard to report unread counts for all my mail folders. Went from 6 unread to 264. Lots of old Cryptograms and such...
sat 08:30pmoh, and no, I didn't lose any mail with the archiver. There was just a bug in my counting mechanism. Stupid symlinks.
sat 08:35pmOldest unread email on /all of my email folders anywhere/: "CRYPTO-GRAM, May 15, 2001". Oldest that isn't CG or postfix, 9 Mar 2007.

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