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So, Sedna's keyboard started getting weirder and weirder. Up, Right, Backtick, and F12 aren't performing their designated funtions.. they're acting like I hit an entire COLUMN of keys at once.. frex, ` gives me F2, 2, W, S, X, Command. So, uh.. yeah. I took her back to the genius bar. The guy tried booting off their harddrive, to see if it was a software problem (I'd already verified it wasn't, but sure). So, he can either order a new keyboard, and when it arrives we try it and see if that's the problem - but if it's the logic board, we get to wait again - OR we can send it in and let the repair folks fix it. The turnaround on sending it in is likely faster than ordering parts into the store... and I /can/ live without her for a while.. so, fine. Send it in. $310 in free warranty service, whee. 5-10 business days (it's frequently been less, but he can't promise anything better). so, I'll miss her, but hopefully she will come back happy and ready to work.

Meanwhile, I picked up an Airport card for Cygnus (the mac Cube). She liked it. Of course, she still doesn't have a working CD drive, so I gotta do something about that. I'm thinking of buying an omnidrive (read/write cd and all dvd formats).. somebody sells one made for the cube for $350ish. Dunno if I really need to write DVDs on the cube tho (how many machines do I /need/ to be able to write DVDs from?). I just need to be able to, say, install Panther (Cygnus has Jaguar right now).

In other news, we reinstalled two of the air conditioners. I'm upstairs in my office /right now/. That's right, 6pm at night, and the upstairs is habitable! I'm actually a little chilly, 'cause the AC is in this room, and I'm not fully dressed. It's right around 70 in here, as opposed to the high-80s/low-90s it's been getting to.

Doing phase two of the windows will help a lot on the heat problem up here (phase two being all the windows in my office, along the front of the house), but the AC is battling successfully for now. We might need to add the windows in my guest room (south wall) to phase two, to really take care of the thermal issues up here, but we'll see. The Gazebo Issue is looking up, and we're not expecting it to cost as much as I'd feared, so we might be able to afford phase two this summer.

On the other hand (as the lights flicker from the AC kicking on), we might want to throw that money into redoing the electrical system. We need to do that anyway, since we want to move the server room upstairs (from the dining room into my office) eventually, and the electrical system just /will not/ support that. The UPSes are the only reason the AC doesn't pop the breaker every time it kicks on, and adding another UPS to the mix with a dozen computers on it is not my idea of a good plan.

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