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Boing Boing - Stabbing pen - The KZ Xtreme Defense Pen appears to be designed for stabbing people with: # 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum # CNC Machined. # Type II Class 3 Hard Anodized . # Ergonomic Design Provides Superior Grip and Comfortable Texturing. # Threaded Cap. # [...]
MAKE Magazine - Breadboard birdfeeder simplifies crumb distribution - Earning high marks for its cuteness factor + good intentions, we find the unusually convenient breadcrumb bird feeder. Certainly easier access for the feathered consumers out there - I'm guessing permanent setup & operation may prove somewhat pro[...]
Coding Horror - HTML Validation: Does It Matter? - The web is, to put it charitably, a rather forgiving place. You can feed web browsers almost any sort of HTML markup or JavaScript code and they'll gamely try to make sense of what you've provided, and render it the best they can. In comparison, most[...]

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