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Twitter posts from 04 March to 05 March

From my Twitter stream:
wed 11:03pm@drakemonger you mean the secrets posted publicly on my website?
thu 10:19amI suppose I should go have breakfast.
thu 10:58amI don't want ramen, salad, or leftover lasagna for breakfast. Peanut butter it is.
thu 11:00amI think maybe I call popcap to ask where my insurance is, and then take a very long very hot bath, with music and kindle.
thu 11:04amWhen I'm elected god-emperor, I will institute the death penalty for insurance company executives.
thu 11:05am@nastrus it's back on. she got the paperwork back, emailed the insurance company, and I was on her list to call today to let me know.
thu 11:06amI'm getting lots and lots of new followers these days. Hello!
thu 11:06amNew people especially, but everybody who hasn't answered: Why are you following me? I'm curious.
thu 11:07am@nastrus I can't afford any more dependants.
thu 11:10am@nastrus The poor, unemployed kind. Remember?
thu 11:12am@mcmoots I can't promise wimmins, but come on over, there's booze and.. me.
thu 11:12am@mcmoots (disappointing, I know)
thu 11:12am@nastrus And you've been doing /what/, instead of that?
thu 11:13amSomeone needs to put out a battery-or-ac-powered speaker unit that looks like an airport express to itunes. I would use it in the bath.
thu 11:15amI see...
thu 11:16amOff to the bath. don't worry, I'll have ptah and MT&T.
thu 11:35am@kerrizor yes. Is very sad
thu 11:36am@pinguerin I know you wouldn't. Are you excited to hear the tale of scrubbing out the tub so I could stand to be in it?
thu 12:19pm@xopherg with is easy. /as/ is what I want.
thu 12:40pmI have returned, a lot cleaner, but only slightly less depressed.
thu 12:41pmA bright side has appeared to this unemployment thing: I'm not catching all the nasty respiratory infections that everybody ELSE seems to be
thu 12:42pm@employeeze I assume you've tried calling it and squeaking its favority squeaktoy?
thu 12:44pm@nastrus I already did one of those.
thu 12:44pm@nastrus I've been thinking of rewriting it to be a little more... organized.
thu 12:59pm@nastrus My corporation is older, bigger, and has more income than your corporation
thu 12:59pm@nastrus not, you know, by /much/. but.
thu 01:02pmBearing in mind I'm unemployed, my standards of acceptable behaviour are reduced. Thus, I whore myself: #EvernoteClarifiGiveaway
thu 01:02pm@nastrus hm. fair enough.
thu 01:09pmFeel special, @evernote. This is probably the last time I will ever do something like that.
thu 01:09pm@HollyQueen Eventually
thu 01:12pmOk, I'll admit. If Tesla came along and said "Tweet us for a free roadster", I would do it. In a heartbeat. With no remorse. But ...
thu 01:37pm@darkmane followed him back when. bored my eyes out.
thu 01:59pmGetting tired of blind ads on craigslist. Just post your company name, damnit.
thu 02:00pmI kinda enjoy answering "vi or emacs" with "nano."
thu 02:20pmLunch: mechanically separated 'chicken' with corn filler, plus non-beef-tallow-fried 'potato' pieces.
thu 02:20pm@arjache if needed, yes. I hate both vi and emacs. if I /have/ to pick one, I use vi. but yes. if I have to code remotely, nano.
thu 02:21pm@arjache mind you, I prefer textmate over all others, and will do sshfs mounting just to edit in it. but it's not always reasonable.
thu 02:22pm('shreds'? 'sticks'?)
thu 02:22pm@mcmoots by dying painfully in a fire?
thu 02:23pmMaybe if I start calling out the new followers publicly to ask why they're following.
thu 02:23pmTho, then I'd need to go back and DM everybody /already/ following who hasn't answered, to prompt them. a backfill, as it were.
thu 02:29pmThe sad thing about this blind ad is that it may as well have been written as "company seeks marty", but I have to assume it's crap.
thu 02:29pmCraiglist needs a "Companies Seeking Marty (c4m)" category.
thu 02:29pmcraigSlist. 'scuse
thu 02:34pm@darkmane I am /so/ sorry. ::)
thu 02:35pmok, if you're just /dying/ to see my new website while it's still in development, dm me. (I'm sure we can find you a good shrink)
thu 02:43pmAnybody know if there's an easy way to make apache execute a cgi when it otherwise would use mod_autoindex? Trying to avoid writing a mod_.
thu 02:47pmLooks like there's a mod_perl option, but that's suboptimal.
thu 02:54pmHm. Might need to toss in a detector to ensure the kanji is displaying. Illapa can't handle it. Or the border-radius.
thu 02:56pm@dagard given the number of DirectoryIndex clauses I have, the rewrite rule would be in-sane. But yeah, might fall back to that.
thu 02:56pmwell, let me think. I'm only really likely to use /two/ of them on this site, index.html and index.cgi. and I only want it for this site, so
thu 03:03pmEh, fuck it. I'll just keep using symlinks back to the main index.cgi. the rest can work itself out later.
thu 03:42pmOk, for the first time ever, I found google creepy. I'd totally forgotten I signed up with gHealth, and they've got /recent/ drugs listed.
thu 03:47pmAlso, it won't let me set added-by-pharmacy drugs as 'inactive', tho I've stopped taking them. Grr.
thu 04:00pmWhy am I caching this data in a local cache store? I've got a site-wide private key-value store. idiot!
thu 04:21pmok, dashboard redone to use my internal kvs. I need to write a module for interacting with that thing, and a cache::cache wrapper.
thu 04:22pm@mcmoots disturbed + gbs. oh my.
thu 05:24pmInbox: 5. 'Unread': 4. All read, in fact, but "need to deal with". And the read item is a self-replacing sweeper from a crontab.
thu 05:31pm@tedder42 That does look like it. Thanks.
thu 09:15pmInteresting. Shopping the kindle store on the web, I find that my iphone is registered as a target. but I never got past the connection erro

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