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Polyamory in the News - Savage Love on poly denial -
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - WWNC '09 official announcements and the 2010 bug - Filed under: Accessories, Hardware, Portables, Apple HistoryEach year, a crew of Newton users, developers and devotees gathers to celebrate the little green device, discuss projects, share resources and generally have fun. As a Newton owner myself, I[...]
Seattlest - Zoo's Shit Hits a Ban - No Zoo Doo this spring! Woodland Park Zoo just notified us that their highly popular Fecal Fest Zoo Doo lottery--which brings that "fresh Zoo smell" to your backyards and P-Patches--has been canceled for spring because of a shortage of safely Grade-A[...]
Seattlest - Check Your Mailbox For Money - During that vaguely hellish snowstorm right before Christmas, the City of Seattle may or may not have missed garbage pickup a few times at your house. You will recall a certain stench. If they missed your house two times or more during those weeks, t[...]
Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger? - HOUSTON - HOUSTON WE HAVE LOLCAT nd u gotz a problum 2. picture: dunno source, via our lolcat builder. lol caption: mistressred » Recaption This » See All Captions
Boing Boing - Saturday Morning Watchmen - Happy Harry made a terrific "reanimation" of The Watchmen as if it was a Saturday morning cartoon. (Follow the link and click "Watch This Movie!") Saturday Morning Watchmen (Thanks, Joel Johnson!) Previously: BB Video: WATCHMEN movie CG tech with Z[...]
Boing Boing - Hand-tooled aluminum hard hat - This is beautiful! I think it is from Indonesia. From the eBay listing: I saw this at the flea market and it was drawing so much attention, I knew I should buy it before it got snapped up. The hand tooling on this thing is amazing. It is covered wi[...]
Inhabitat - CISTA: Modern Rainwater Harvesting Made Beautiful - Generally associated with plastic and wooden 55 gallon drums covered with slimy moss, rainwater harvesting just doesn't seem to capture the imagination like an exotic green roof or a gleaming solar array -- until now. The CISTA rainwater harvesting s[...]
MAKE Magazine - The Open Source Hardware Bank - Hey look, here's a bank that's not afraid to loan. Fascinating idea. Wonder if it'll work? From: Why does Open Source Hardware need a bank? Right now, the status quo, emerging trend for OSHW DIY'ers has been: build something, put up a bunch of mone[...]
Boing Boing - Replace Hardcovers with a Bunch of Big Signs - Boingboing's current guestblogger Paul Spinrad is currently Projects Editor for MAKE magazine and the author of The VJ Book and The Re/Search Guide to Bodily Fluids. He lives in San Francisco.  My friend Andy's literature blog recently pointed [...]

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