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Twitter posts from 03 March to 04 March

From my Twitter stream:
tue 10:01pm... no internet connection? didn't I just install this app over the air? aren't I full of wifi bars? GIVE REAL ERROR CODES ASSHATS.
tue 10:02pmok, I can ssh into the phone from my desktop. TRUST ME, you have a network connection. What you mean is that Amazon isn't responding.
tue 11:18pmI am disappointed, but completely unsurprised, to find that mobile safari does not work with typeface.js
tue 11:23pmI've been working on the redesign of my personal site for several hours. I literally can not focus my eyes more than 6" away. screens fuzzy
tue 11:23pm@spinnerin still can't get it to connect. have just rebooted phone to try again.
tue 11:24pmNope. it still can't connect.
tue 11:25pmDoesn't work over edge either. It occurs to me to wonder if it won't work outside at&t network.
tue 11:28pmGiving up on kindle/iphone. givng up on new website for the night. heading bedward.
tue 11:59pm@drakemonger i'll be showing you how very good your art is, then.
wed 09:51amAmusing. Kindle/iPhone gives a bad-password error if I typo the password. If I get it right, I get the no-network error.
wed 09:56am@sheridanzig "No Internet Connection" "Please check your WiFi or cellular data network and try again". Even while it's on wifi and I can ssh
wed 10:01am@sheridanzig I'm just annoyed at the completely wrong, and thus meaningless, error message. I can't debug when it lies to me!
wed 10:21am@sheridanzig Added to my queue
wed 10:42am@tereshkova2001 yes you are.
wed 11:03am@tereshkova2001 unreal? you bet.
wed 12:00pmSign I use my iPhone too much: i'm designing my new personal site to work on firefox and iPhone. Why?
wed 01:39pmI'm putting a lot of effort into the design of my new site. Mainly to procrastinate the content part.
wed 03:33pmTrying to figure out what to drop from my website. 24 Hours of Democracy essays? the page about ebooks? the horrible poetry?
wed 03:33pmTwitterfon is failing to post, throwing a not found error. grr.
wed 03:39pmAnd I'm getting over-capacity warnings on the website. I assume the two are connected.
wed 04:27pm@mcmoots not enough Omega-3 Angsty Acids.
wed 04:30pm@TwitterFon yeah, s'all good here too. Don't you hate it when attempting to debug fixes the problem? ::)
wed 04:33pm@mcmoots yay!
wed 04:34pm@pinguerin yay?
wed 05:31pmDoes firefox do anything with a <link rel=alternate> that isn't an rss/atom type? like, translations, etc?
wed 06:42pmcode section rebuilt to use new panel objects, and inline-block divs, instead of table-in-table-in-table. Still using win98 icons tho.
wed 06:52pmDefinitely removing my MIT application essay. good lord I was an idiot.
wed 08:32pm@sistawendy
wed 08:32pm@sistawendy I think I'm gonna swap 'em out for sexy new osx icons.
wed 08:57pm@sistawendy VRML is from early-college non-school. prolog is from a pre-AI college course.
wed 08:57pm@sistawendy I'm not sure you can even /find/ a VRML plugin anymore.
wed 08:58pm@sistawendy I'll note that my LISP and Prolog in the algorithms class was good enough to get me into the chair's grad-level AI class.
wed 09:28pm@drakemonger eh?
wed 09:29pm@sistawendy I don't disagree on the optimization, but I don't see the rest.

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