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Twitter posts from 03 March

From my Twitter stream:
tue 01:01am@drakemonger naw. But it'd be easy to adapt the oracular blog to this.
tue 10:28amDamn. dashboard widgets moved to the desktop are on top of everything. I need them below. Will have to make a konfabulator widget.
tue 10:31amHint, web developers. If I just logged into the site 60 seconds ago, asking me to reauth to go to account settings makes me angry.
tue 10:40amJust had to wipe FAH's queue and work data so it would restart without crashing. awesome. Not sure I'll bother next time.
tue 11:25amCalled UI a few seconds before 11am, it would seem. wait times are said to be averaging 30min. I'm at 24 now.
tue 11:25amThis is why I need a PA, so I don't forget shit like this.
tue 11:26amgonna need to boot arcturus into winxp soon. have software to try, and need to update steam profile. still says popcap!
tue 11:27am@dianthus sorry, let me rephrase: this is why I need a PA, so someone does this for me so my forgetting is irrelevant.
tue 11:27am@dianthus Besides, with the demise of Sandy, I'm lost and alone.
tue 11:30amOOH! RINGING!
tue 11:34amZOMG, he's totally fixing the problem.
tue 11:34amMy mind, it is completely blown.
tue 11:37amit's done! I am unemployed again! yay! YAY! YA.. wait a second.
tue 11:43amThere was a blog entry I saw yesterday talked about things you /should/ spend money on in a recession. splurging a little for yourself, ...
tue 11:44am.. for example. I may be going too far in buying four jars of pitted un-stuffed green olives at $5.19 each. But the craving will not die.
tue 11:49am@HollyQueen Damn them, screwed up the stats for all the other government workers!
tue 11:58am@hollyking STOP IT! STOP RUINING MY WORLDVIEW!
tue 01:18pmI think we're out of microwave popcorn.
tue 01:19pmDo I go get some, add it to the amzn fresh order for tomorrow, or pull out the popcorn maker?
tue 01:19pmor, you know, live without.
tue 01:43pmYay! Dynadot is back
tue 02:31pmMy main dns server is being hit hard by, lots and lots of 'query denied' in my logs.
tue 02:31pm@gabrielcain i haven't seen pitted unstuffed ones there.
tue 02:34pm@mcmoots well, the smallest paper bags i have are standard grocery bags. plus I have a Stir Crazy, so if I gotta make it the hard way...
tue 05:39pmComcast doing walkaround free-month-of-service push. Stupidly said yes. Was thinking of trying the Internet service anyway, but timing bad.
tue 05:40pmMay end up cancelling before install. And stop answering the door.
tue 07:08pmDiretv PC viewer beta: pleasant fast consistent ui. Very impressed. Quality excellent. Downloads, no. Sad. Need xfer to iPod!
tue 07:08pmOh: does not work with multi monitors. Had to disable 2 thru 4.
tue 09:56pm@drakemonger I may have to hate you for that one.
tue 09:59pmKindle for iPhone. Huh. Ok, sure. 'Cause I /don't/ always have ptah with me.

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