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Twitter posts from 02 March

From my Twitter stream:
mon 08:11am@BLnet: I have no specific plans for it yet. Most likely, I'll just roll my own on top of some lower-level tools.
mon 08:12am@WhatsUpGuru: nope.
mon 08:43amHey, awesome. the UI website is down due to load. I expect now would be a bad time to call them.
mon 09:32amDynadot is still down. This can't be good.
mon 10:34am@GeekGirlsRule shouldn't be. Just really inconvenient. Probly something Bad happened.
mon 10:36am@Woody1924 figured it was something of the sort. Unfortunate.
mon 10:51amUI line fast-busied the first couple times. And then twitter came back 'over capacity'. yay.
mon 10:52amand it's a half-hour wait on the UI line. maybe I'd be better off calling tomorrow?
mon 10:57am@employeeze I'd rather get this done sooner than later, s'why I was trying to do it today.
mon 02:25pm@gabrielcain my plan was to set up a monitoring port on the summit48 and drop a machine on it to record source/dest/size for all packets.
mon 04:03pm@pinguerin too many!
mon 04:08pmFinally saw the Dushku Hulu ad. Was ok.
mon 04:39pmThank you DirecTV. I enjoy paying you over a hundred bucks a month so you can put ads into the channel guide.
mon 08:40pm@drakemonger eh. the dialog was bad, her delivery was worse, and the tongue thing was poorly done.
mon 08:51pm16 unread in my inbox. oldest from november, two from Jan, most from Feb.
mon 08:51pmOh, and I made a nice little dashboard to show my email/gmail/greader unread. little floating div badges and everything.
mon 08:52pm@drakemonger I like that one.
mon 09:07pm@drakemonger should I set you up with a little blog to post them to, which will post them to twitter? nice little interface for composing..
mon 09:33pmyou're no fun at all. or .. something. I dunno.

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