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Items shared from Google Reader: - Multiplication Symbol - The symbol for multiplication has varied but most of us are familiar with the "x" taught to us in school. This symbol was first introduced by William Oughtred, though it was never completely accepted due to its resemblance to the variable &[...] John Young's Blog - You're sitting in a CHAIR. IN THE SKY. - Harold Ross sent this to me, and I couldn't possibly agree more: John Young's Blog - You're sitting in a CHAIR. IN THE SKY. - Shared by Marty He brings up a good point. You generally don't die of dysentery on the trip from NYC to LA anymore. Harold Ross sent this to me, and I couldn't possibly agree more:
Boing Boing - Amazon supplier loses warehouse lease, invites the public to loot its books - Bookbarn, one of Amazon UK's largest warehousing and fulfilment suppliers, lost its lease on its Bristol warehouse, so they flung open the doors and invited the public to come in and take all the publishers' consigned books they had on hand, as that [...]
Interior Design, Decorating, Furniture, Architecture, Home & House Design Magazine - Temperature Sensitive Glass Tiles - Moving Color is an innovative technology which takes glass tiles to new heights in terms of interior design. These are temperature sensitive textured glass tiles  which change color with the ambient, body or water temperature. So when&[...]
TerraPass blog - Create your own bike lane, redux - by Adam Stein I love this: "Contrail" is a design concept that enables cyclists to increase their visibility to cars, pedestrians, and each other. Conceived by Pepin Gelardi and Teresa Herrmann, this frame-mounted devi[...]
MAKE Magazine - Repair is the new recycling - The Platform 21 manifesto: Platform 21 Read more | Permalink | Comments | Read more articles in Green | Digg this! Updates - Bush Administration Claimed Fourth Amendment Did Not Apply to NSA Spying - In an October 23, 2001, Office of Legal Counsel memo released today, the Bush Administration concluded that "the Fourth Amendment does not apply to domestic military operations," including "intercepting electronic or wireless communications" by "empl[...]
Slashdot - Judge Orders Record Company Execs To Duluth - NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "Lest there be any doubt that District Judge Michael J. Davis, presiding over the Duluth, Minnesota, case, Capitol Records v. Thomas, really does 'get it' about the toxic effect the RIAA, its lead henchman Matthew Oppenhei[...]

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