Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 01 March

From my Twitter stream:
sun 12:26amI just took my own email address out of my whitelist. All the spam that's getting thru these days is 'from me'. ::P
sun 12:52amTrying to get image::magick working on my mac pro is turning into a massive headache. I hate computers.
sun 12:02pmsad monkey.
sun 12:15pmI think I may be ready to delete everything in my flickr account.
sun 12:15pm@spunquee lack of job. screwed up my UI. headaches that won't go away. lack of job. more lack of job.
sun 12:15pm(I'm begining to sense a pattern)
sun 12:40pm@drakemonger fix a man's brakes, he stops for a day. teach him to fix his brakes, he stops for a lifetime. Teach him wrong and it's short.
sun 01:00pm@drakemonger more stories please.
sun 03:30pm@BLnet I have a single T1 that's shared between a pile of servers AND personal browsing for the household. It'd be nice to know where ...
sun 03:31pm@BLnet ... the bandwidth is going, among other things. plus, just for my own amusement, really.
sun 06:59pmThis is an inconvenient time for dynadot to be down/unreachable.

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