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Phone Post: ... Stuff.

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“So, I had a meeting, I had my one-on-one with, uh, Werner today, my boss... aannnnd.. talked about my status, and he was fairly pleased with, uh, how the giftyThingy's coming along. I'm a little unhappy, 'cause, you know, it's taking a lot longer than it should have, but.. he's, he's happy that progress is being made at least. He didn't complain about how long it's taking... uh....
And then we talked about my review. We discussed the development goals, and he pointed out that I didn't have any in my self eval, and I'm like, well, no. So he says basically, his were just suggestions because he got it and there were none there, and he's like "Oh, I should put some in". So he made some up and put them in there, and.. He understands that I do in fact have these SDE skills, and he understands now that I really have no interesting in being the PM-y type, and.. I think we had a very good discussion on that. And he says, "so, make up some goals". And it's like, Ok, I can do that, sure. So I gotta do that.
And we discussed, uh... the rating and we went around and around on that, and, you know, I mean, he wasn't involved in making that particular decision, so, there's a not a lot, you know.. I can't be mad at him, I'm just, you know, he's the one I'm talking to 'cause he's my boss. But, uh.... At, at the end of it, he, he either felt or, or, felt he needed to say that uh, that uh... that he thinks maybe I should have gotten more. I was arguing that everyone on the TEAM should have gotten at least a 40, 'cause I mean, frankly... we've been working like dogs for the past, god knows how long.. more than a year, but... um... anyways.. had a discussion on that.. and then curves, and you know, distributions, and external views of the team and blah blah blah blah blah. But... yeah. And then we talked compensation.. issues.. and my, you know, pay cut last year, and pittance of a raise this year, and on and on and stuff like that. You know, limited budgets, and, uh, how that ties to you review rating, and things like that. So... when all is said and done, uh.. he's going to talk to Michael about /my/ rating personally, and /my/ compensation, rather than the team's as a whole, 'cause he doesn't think he can get very far going with that tactic. Which is cool, that's nice of him, I think. So, good. I'll feel kinda bad if, you know, my rating gets bumped up, and no one else's, but.... I'm selfish enough not to feel TOO bad... I dunno. It's a good thing, it's.. I dunno, I dunno..
And hey, if I get more money, well, cool.

*sigh* Le sigh. It's all just so dramatic! ugh!
That's sarcasm, by the way. I hope it carries a little better over voice than over text, but it is a phone, and god knows how good the sound quality is.

I took Sedna to the apple store. And they popped the keys off, wiped it down, popped the keys back on, I booted it up, works just fine. She also replaced the little plastic bit that I broke off. They've got like, you know, a complete spare keyboard on, on, you know, a little popout plastic... you know, like you do for those, uh, you know, old models and stuff like that? It's almost like that. Not quite, but. So she just popped and extra, you know, just popped a spare piece off, and put it on, and called it well and good, which made me happy. No charge, of course.
And it turns out they also can service.. they can't service anything older than.. uh.. gen-one iMacs, so the old CRT iMacs.. but.. that does include, at least, the uh.. the cube, apparently. So I can take Cygnus in.. if I can't get Cygnus taken care of myself, I can take her in and get her fixed. I don't know what gender that machine is, really. It's cute enough to be female, it's annoying enough to be male.. yeah. Maybe once I can use her more often.. use /it/ more often, I guess.. uh.. I'll be able to have a better, uh.. better feel.

So, I'm now driving back, which is why I'm making this /long rambling post/. In the time I've been on the phone ... [cut off]”

Transcribed by: tithonium
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