Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 28 February

From my Twitter stream:
sat 10:20amAwake. Hungry. Pondering converting some of my rails code to plugins.
sat 10:54am@herknees happy birthday. mine was yesterday.
sat 11:00amI wish I could remember if I filed my UI claim this week. if I didn't, I may be in for some massive annoyance.
sat 12:37pmThat poor canary. ::(
sat 01:19pmWe appear to be suffering 30-50% packet loss out of nerdvana. even to ::P
sat 01:22pmAnd it seems to've cleared up. Probably a big download sucking all the bits or something. meh.
sat 01:22pmI really need to get that network monitoring system up and running.
sat 02:32pmHey LOOK, lj and google just forgot my logins again! but twitter didn't this time. Getting really damned sick of this shit.
sat 03:51pmGoogle reader: 0. For the first time in, what, six months? more? Long time, anyway.
sat 03:51pmI should have a little widget on my desktop that shows counts for everything. all my email inboxes, greader, twitter, lj, etc etc.
sat 04:19pm@beaq <10, 0 (they're on the floor), aleph-null, several thousand.
sat 04:19pmAs I start to use evernote more, the concept of inbox-zero seems less ridiculous.
sat 08:02pmIt's always sad when EDGE is faster than the local wifi.
sat 08:25pm@sistawendy not on hulu yet?

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