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Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 27 February

From my Twitter stream:
fri 10:54am@drakemonger oops. Hadn't read Twitter yet. Will have to update my lj post.
fri 11:08amWent to have breakfast only to find my leftover soup had been tossed. Fallback: little smokeys and ramen. Not mixed together.
fri 03:20pmAh, and yesterday Z re-posted their job listing to CL. Yay.
fri 03:27pm*sigh*
fri 03:28pmi need two more employment contacts this week, and really don't wanna.
fri 03:38pm@scottru it's not just a question of finding places to apply (but, thanks ::)... it's a motivation problem. the Z thing's got me down.
fri 03:39pm@scottru went from haven't-talked-to-anybody-else to other-candidates-in-the-mix and reposting the job in a week. result == sad marty.
fri 03:39pm@scottru Being 100000 years old isn't helping. ::)
fri 05:04pmone more. i suppose I must.
fri 05:58pmGasco 35th and Trenton. 3 cops 2 ambu 1 fire. Handcuffs.
fri 07:20pmEn route to The Jones for bday drinks. ETA 745 or 8. Join us.

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