Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 25 February to 26 February

From my Twitter stream:
wed 10:04pm@qwickening I don't even remember. I think the sde I talked to was... vendor services? something like that.
wed 10:23pmtrying to do my homework for lhh seminar. positioning statement? kill me now.
wed 10:24pm*plagiarizes from application emails he's sent out*
wed 10:40pmAnybody wanna critique what I've just put together?
wed 11:01pm@westseattleblog nothing noticable in sunrise heights yet
wed 11:07pmOk. homework as done as it's gonna get. heading to bed.
thu 08:29amThe drive to Bellevue today was easier and faster than Tuesday. Got here half hour early and we'll start late. ::/
thu 12:11pmResisting the urge to reply to a recruiter with "tomorrow is a holyday so we'll have to do it Monday".
thu 12:12pm@B1ackavar @Jamgrrl excuses, excuses! ;;)
thu 12:17pm@westseattleblog learner's permit?
thu seems to be desperate for me to pay to look at the one sig on my guest book. Four or five emails about it so far.
thu 12:40pm@vixy your reply makes me extremely sad.
thu 12:41pm@Jenk3 yes.
thu 12:46pm@firesign3000 I remember something about N downs on a given artist become never play again ever. But might misremember.
thu 12:48pm@vixy you're mean. This is why nobody likes you.
thu 12:55pm@vixy this is you: "hello!" THAT'S HOW DUMB YOU SOUND!
thu 12:58pm@vixy people have sex?!? ZOMG Think of the childrens!!
thu 05:33pmOH SON OF A.. MOTHER FRAKKER.. OW OW OW. ok, yeah, I can hear it.
thu 05:49pmOrdering some moocards. Am again disappointed in my (lj) friends, for not coming up with good titles.

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