Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 24 February to 25 February

From my Twitter stream:
tue 10:03pm@tedder42 I just think it would be a perfect offsite backup server. drop it on someone's network and it can be nat gateway and server.
tue 10:18pm@tedder42 that's a very good question.
tue 10:34pm@drakemonger I think you've a steam-powered migratory 'the'.
wed 09:36ameven wiping all cookies, twitter keeps forgetting who I am. But weave is working again, so I continue to blame it.
wed 09:38amAnd thinkgeek. And google.
wed 01:48pmStill not god-emperor.
wed 01:48pm@spinnerin I prefer to see lawmakers who ARE normal people. or, at least, people. I'm tired of being ruled by lizards in human suits.
wed 03:09pmamazon phone screener is now 9 minutes late. u... and then he calls. and then we get disconnected. awesome.
wed 03:10pmAh, there we go.
wed 03:50pmAmazon phone screen done. la.
wed 04:04pmI'm a little disappointed that I got only two replies when I asked why people were following me. Clearly, most of you /aren't/. tsk.
wed 04:20pm@Jamgrrl hrm?
wed 04:24pmBack on the 14th I asked people to DM me why. Two DM replies and one @ reply (so, three, sorry)
wed 04:24pm@Jamgrrl and
wed 05:02pmSigh. I want a new kindle, but having bought two of the gen1s, even if I had a job I couldn't bring myself to spend the money.
wed 05:08pm@steamcon or I write websites for you. But thanks. ;;)
wed 05:34pmBrain finally kicked in, and I increased the size of the mouse pointer on Arcturus. Maybe I won't lose it anymore.
wed 05:58pm@steamcon ahh. I wondered who was running the twitter feed. ::) yeah, I did the registration system. howdy.
wed 06:52pmdeclaring partial kindle bankruptcy: deleting most of the blog posts I've forwarded to ptah to 'read later'
wed 06:56pmooh, and all the J2EE crap I don't care about anymore.
wed 06:58pmflickr metadata download complete. will deal with it later.

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