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Boing Boing - Fish with transparent head - Since 1939, scientists have thought the "barreleye" fish Macropinna microstoma had "tunnel vision" due to eyes that were fixed in place. Now though, Monterey Bay Aquarium researchers show that the fish actually has a transparent head and the eyes rot[...]
Slashdot - Billy West Says Futurama Might Return To Fox For 6th Season - MajikJon writes "After strong sales of the straight-to-DVD Futurama movies, Fox is reportedly considering bringing back Futurama for a 6th season. This according to Billy West in a recent statement at the Anime Supercon in Florida. Here's me with my [...]
xkcd - Kindle 2 - First, the results of my laptop hunt.  Thank you so much for all the suggestions -- there are a lot more ultraportable options than I realized.  I narrowed it down to two wildly different possibilties: The Lenovo ThinkPad X200s.  I mi[...]
Boing Boing - John Hodgman explains what's wrong with "Meh" - Waxy's got a reprint from John Hodgman's Twitter feed yesterday, a 140-char-at-a-time masterful rip into the most odious of Internet jargon: "Meh." hodgman: Did I ever tell you people how much I hate the word "meh"? Nothing announces "I have missed [...]

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