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Twitter posts from 24 February

From my Twitter stream:
tue 07:03am@VeronicaMcG perhaps worse: reading your tweets about the launch in chrono-order, all after the fact. *sigh*
tue 07:59amSign says 13min to bellevue. 2min later can still see sign.
tue 08:21amThe sign was right, but 1/4 of the time was spent on the quarter mile into the tunnel. People are dicks.
tue 11:17amMust resist urge to hit on cute girl next to me at seminar. Cries too much, wants healthy food for lunch. Clearly incompatible.
tue 11:52amShe went non-healthy with lunch, and so redeems herself partly.
tue 12:06pm@HollyQueen well, not crying. Just a little weepy. Job outplacement seminar.
tue 12:09pm@HollyQueen she's subsequently proven pleasant to talk to and has given me an idea for a website, so.
tue 12:10pmStill shouldn't hit on her of course.
tue 03:30pmDone for the day.
tue 04:49pm@employeeze What, you did a case study on /me/? ;;)
tue 05:04pmSixth, you make a roux.
tue 05:26pmSoup is on the stove. I've no idea how it's going to turn out.
tue 05:41pmThe soup is going to suck.
tue 06:00pmMight be able to recover the soup. have added several things. simmering will tell.q
tue 09:18pmI always like how my hands smell after I've been chopping onions.
tue 09:19pm@dresdencodak I wouldn't mind one.
tue 09:25pm@dianthus this is both, actually. carrots and celery (not much smell from those), half an onion, and half a head of garlic.
tue 09:25pm@dianthus the smell just won't come off for a while, and I love it.
tue 09:38pmThis SheevaPlug thing looks kinda neat. I wonder if I could get one with a microsd slot and second ethernet. Would be perfect.

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