Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 20 February to 21 February

From my Twitter stream:
fri 10:47pmPreparing to do a clean install on Illapa (olpc), and then put ubuntu on the SD card.
sat 09:37am@employeeze thus maintaining the chain of custody. people who care can trace thru.
sat 10:29am
sat 03:49pmTrying to decide if I want to turn Altair into a hackintosh.
sat 04:25pm@B1ackavar i'm just torn about the hassle of restoring back to a working system if it doesn't work out.
sat 04:25pmespecially when I could just buy a macbook pro later. I dunno what I really want, as usual. ::/
sat 04:30pm@B1ackavar a reasonable option. wonder what I can buy a second SSD for it for.
sat 04:38pmfound one place selling a 32gb replacement drive for $120. s'not bad, tho it'd represent 20% of the cost of the machine itself.

Tags: autopost, twitter
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