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So, I finally got my performance review for the past year. I got... wait for it... 30 out of 50. Sound familiar? For those keeping track, my perf reviews have run 4/5, 4/5, 30/50, 30/50. I was told that I should keep the fact that I was promoted to WDE3 last year in mind when considering this 30. Uh huh.

Last review, I got a $5000 pay cut. Which is to say, they dropped my $5k bonus, so my pre-tax pay dropped from $63000 to $58000. Then I was promoted. And there was no pay increase. This year, I got bumped to $61500. a 6.03% increase, after a 7.94% decrease. I am still making less this now than I did two years ago. And believe me, I'm doing a hell of a lot more now than I did then.

In case you're thinking, perhaps I didn't deserve any more than that... Let's review.

This past year, I consulted on the design of the new registry service, TOP TO BOTTOM. In fact, I was involved in the design of the software framework upon which all of the department's services will be based in the future. I wrote the middleware API layer that all of our API layers will use to talk to that framework. Then I wrote the API layer for all of our template code to talk to the registry service. THEN I wrote our templates. [ Now, I didn't do it all myself. Part way thru the project, we lucked into a new hire, Steven, who was able to come up to speed very quickly and take over a lot of the pain for me. He contributed a lot to the API layer (mostly related to sync, but front-end too) and took care of many of the templates. He also took over for me when I went on vacation (I was scheduled to go after the project launched, but the project sliped repeatedly). ] The year before that - just for comparison - I had created the service layer (alone, tho I borrowed code), API layer (alone), and template layer (with help) for wishlists and registries.

For both of these years, I get 30/50. I quote: "Achieving: Performance is consistent with the performance level of individuals with comparable levels of responsibility.". This level gets 40% of the distribution curve. [40% get 40, 5% get 50]. OK, so... Yeah, I suppose, if you define my 'level of responsibility' to include all of the stuff WAY the hell outside the scope of web development that I do, then sure. I can see the argument that my performance is consistent with that of someone doing the work of two or three people with job descriptions in no way similar to mine.

So, I'm working on this little list of Pros and Cons of staying where I am vs moving to another team vs leaving the company completely. I'll post that when I've done more work on it, but for now, the 'Pro' list is depressingly short.
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