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Twitter posts from 19 February to 20 February

From my Twitter stream:
thu 11:05pmGods damn. Never EVER look up the value of your 6-year-old bought-new car unless you're actually looking to sell it. Poor Joshua.
fri 07:28am@nastrus thank you
fri 08:39amDamnit, damnit, damnit. Low frequencies are very loud. Likely means a cold.
fri 08:54am@scottru that's a little disturbing. is mine at fry's or ikea?
fri 12:00pmlooking for one more job to apply for, preferably without dipping into my *ahem* emergency list. You know who you are.
fri 12:00pm(probably going to use them next week, assuming I get an offer from Z)
fri 12:16pm@kerrizor my /java/ is fine. but people looking for java aren't looking for people who know the language.
fri 12:16pm@kerrizor my enterprise and other framework knowledge is nearly zero.
fri 12:22pm@kerrizor uh... no?
fri 01:17pm@drakemonger I suppose
fri 01:29pmwoohoo, seattle is the 10th least-affordable metro in the country.
fri 01:35pm@drakemonger yeah, well.
fri 01:51pmI keep forgetting to take more ibu when I'm downstairs. You'd think the pain would remind me.
fri 01:53pmFound my third. Done for the week. Geez.
fri 02:07pmpondering what to do with the rest of my day.
fri 02:07pmsuppose I should resume work on my office.
fri 02:33pm@dianthus wasn't really looking.
fri 02:39pm@dianthus I made turkey gravy-like-substance yesterday using the skimmings from the previous night's turkey stew. still have leftovers.
fri 02:44pm@dianthus chicken broth + turkey broth ultraconcentrate + onions + taters + celery + carrots + roast turkey breast.
fri 02:45pm@dianthus but I'll admit, the gravy itself wasn't that great. at least in context of last night's dinner. need to make mashed taters for it
fri 03:26pm*sigh*

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