Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 19 February

From my Twitter stream:
thu 08:54amUsing dropbox to sync thunderbird profile = problematic but functional. Doing the same with firefox would be a Bad Idea.
thu 08:54am*sigh*
thu 10:47am20min early to endodontist.
thu 10:47amWifi not working well here. Meh.
thu 11:05amSeated. Napkined. Bored. Also, the sun is very bright, even with blinds drawn. Starting a headache.
thu 11:35amOw ow ow ow ow motherfrakker OW. I don't like the novacain injections. This round was especially unpleasant. I'm shaking.
thu 01:44pmStill at endo. Close to done. Hungry.
thu 03:32pmApparently my no. 18 molar had four nerves instead of the usual 3. Am now home, with a sore jaw. and lunch.
thu 04:23pm@firesign3000 just being able to disable a monitor without unplugging it would be nice.
thu 08:09pmApparently sitting out on the deck for 5 minutes while beaq gardened yesterday was enough to get a mild sunburn on my left arm.
thu 08:12pm*looks at collected pictures of himself* I'm very pretty, you know.
thu 08:25pm@drakemonger you'd think more girls would hit on me. perhaps I come across as unapproachable.
thu 08:29pm@drakemonger or, you know, worse.
thu 08:53pm@drakemonger I keep noticing you have a high opinion of me and my life. I can't figure out if that's a problem with you or with me.
thu 09:02pm@drakemonger i'm genetically predisposed to dissatisfaction?
thu 09:08pm@sistawendy yeah, no.
thu 09:18pm@drakemonger it's implemented in hardware and non-trivial to workaround in code.
thu 09:48pm@antic agreed. even playing with friends, I'd rather confine the name-calling to in-app.
thu 09:53pm@drakemonger I'd ask you to prove it isn't hardware, but I'm afraid you'd /actually/ open my skull.

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