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Shared Posts from 16 February to 17 February

Items shared from Google Reader:
Boing Boing - Seattle water company to pay its overbilling fines with a surcharge on water bills - A court ordered the Seattle municipal water company to pay compensation to its customers for "fire hydrant" surcharges added to their bills (fire hydrants are a municipal responsibility and shouldn't be charged to general water customers). In order t[...]
Quotes of the Day - Marquis de la Grange - "When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice."
Boing Boing - People are pouring out of Dubai - Excellent rant about what a crappy place Dubai is, and how people are getting the hell out. Short of opening a Radio Shack in an Amish town, Dubai is the world's worst business idea, and there isn't even any oil. Imagine proposing to build Vegas in [...]

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