Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
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Twitter posts from 14 February

From my Twitter stream:
sat 10:08amDoes vday mean ikea will be worse or better than normal?
sat 10:08amA request to all my followers, DM me an answer to the following: Why are you following me?
sat 10:08amI'm particularly interested in answers from people I don't know irl who started following me before I followed them.
sat 11:00amI think, yeah, I do hate myself to go to Ikea today. I need to look at storage options for my office.
sat 11:40amIkea: worse. Omfg.
sat 11:43amI don't understand people. They'll culture for ten minutes. I went straight to second lot, got a space in ten seconds.
sat 11:43amUh, that's 'vulture'.
sat 01:12pmBack home. Spent more than I probably should have on a shelving unit ($160), plus some bits and bobs. So much hate.
sat 01:29pmGoogle browser history would be a lot more useful if it, too, would stop logging me out and would continue recording things. ::P
sat 01:46pmI have a large quantity of ikean particle board out in my car. I need to make room in my office to install it. I'm thinking... video games.
sat 02:46pm@arjache yes.
sat 02:47pm@vixy depends which you have, I think. mine doesn't look all /that/ awesome unironed.
sat 04:17pm@arjache Woot! Do you accept space plastic?
sat 04:18pmMy office is an even bigger mess now than it was. But my HD player is set up. And I'm watching daily show on hulu.
sat 04:18pmI should figure out something useful to do with these DEC alphas and Sparc pizzaboxes.
sat 04:40pm@maddow ...makes me think I should try to watch the show more often.
sat 04:50pmHeeeeyyy... they finally put out the rachel maddow show as a podcast. yay!
sat 06:50pm@arjache oh. uh. we'll.. have to figure something out.
sat 07:24pmHello recruiters! If your email to me starts with '$firstname$'... You are SPAM.
sat 07:25pm@wiml But my space credit card isn't.
sat 07:34pm@mcmoots bacon. ponies. republicanism.
sat 07:35pm@sistawendy yes. they are. I've got three alphas, including a nice big blue one and two little ones, plus a a sparcstation 4 and 10.
sat 07:35pm@sistawendy and somewhere, I have a large monitor for the sparcs. I wonder where it went.
sat 08:15pmThat's interesting. replying to someone with "..." ended up as a reply with no contents at all.

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