Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 11 February

From my Twitter stream:
wed 08:23am@drakemonger lie. Falsify records. Bribe witnesses.
wed 08:28amI go to the PopCap-supplied find-a-job service today. My tongue is extremely blue from blue raspberry sours last night.
wed 09:42am30 min to beacon hill. Only 20 left to get to Bellevue.
wed 09:51amI90 ramp from rainier. 11min. Non carpools in carpool ramp: die.
wed 09:59amMercer is. 3 min
wed 11:02am@cschwan I keep sayin'.
wed 11:03amFirst break. Had one guy tell me his kids /love/ PopCap's games. Pretty varied group. An optical physicist among others.
wed 11:58amHeading home
wed 12:01pmScratch that. Fry's first
wed 12:51pmDidn't find what I was looking for at Fry's or joes. Homeward.
wed 06:45pmNext time one of you decides to order pizzahut's lasagana, call me. I want to try it without ordering three lbs of it.
wed 06:52pm@dianthus yeah, but if I can find a delivered lasagna I like it saves driving to macaroni grill. ::) but I should try that too.
wed 07:45pm@drakemonger was thinking maybe have people over Tuesday lunch, order las and mac&cheese.

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