Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 10 February

From my Twitter stream:
tue 08:38am10am mtg downtown. Bus, have to leave in 23min. Drive, have nearly an hour. Breakfast still cooking. Drive.
tue 08:43am@ann_lewis 2nd time I've heard that in 12hr. Am I the only one who ever made it to Oregon alive? ::)
tue 09:14amBreakfast is consumed. Preparing to head out.
tue 09:58am@beaq ah, frak.
tue 10:48amAm downtown. Need to be downtown at 2. What to do in between?
tue 10:59am@employeeze already bored with borders.
tue 10:59am@nastrus don't wanna go to interview covered in blood.
tue 11:00am@kerrizor meh
tue 11:01amAt westlake.
tue 11:15am@tommusic cute, but no downtown.
tue 11:24amLunching at westlake. Been a while since I had a Charlie's sub.
tue 11:24am@beaq maybe. Might end up buying thing.
tue 11:27am@gabrielcain off by an hour. ::)
tue 11:34amOh... Forgot to mention... UI sent notice yesterday: I /am/ eligible. Which is nice.
tue 11:39am@tommusic you're such a good minion. Much better than @nastrus... I should work on lunch-I-clock and tie it to this.
tue 11:39amThat's lunch /o/ clock. Stupid autocorrect.
tue 11:56am@nastrus Bad minion! Heel! Sit!
tue 04:13pmBeen a while since I came out of a job interview grinning like an idiot. I think I'm in love.
tue 04:37pm@drakemonger Zumobi
tue 04:40pm@westseattleblog bwahahaha!
tue 09:34pm@spinnerin doesn't play that well on my fone. I'm a portrait mode boy. Also, what are you smoking? ::)

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