Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 05 February

From my Twitter stream:
thu 07:30am@drakemonger I'm so sorry! I didn't realize the brain damage was so extensive!
thu 01:16pmPlaying precipice of darkness while waiting for 2pm phone screen.
thu 02:25pmThat seemed to to well. We'll be setting up an in person.
thu 02:50pm@PopCap_Aoife I bet we'll hate the name. ;;)
thu 02:52pmOops. I just realized my twitter profile still says I work for PopCap...
thu 03:22pm@jani_s well. Waiting to hear from their recruiter to set up in person.
thu 03:23pm@EyeFiCard no, no. I just find it amusing. I really do need a memory stick version tho. ::)
thu 04:28pmI remember when there was competition in the mobile broadband market. Now it seems to be $60/5gb/mo across the board. ::P
thu 06:08pmScrew the ceramic. The 5" nakiri is my favorite knife. Also, bacon is love.
thu 06:15pm@pinguerin mine just tried to pour hot soapy water on my foot. ::(

Tags: autopost, twitter
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