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Twitter posts from 03 February to 04 February

From my Twitter stream:
tue 09:19amSMS spam. Awesome.
tue 09:37amAt dentist to get replacement temp crown. Root canal gets finished in two weeks. Sigh.
tue 10:20amHave new tooth. Hand made by lindsey.
tue 02:23pmAnd, finally, it has launched. You know you want to attend!
tue 05:53pm@hotpoint no laser. ::(
tue 05:53pm@scottru I only did the registration system. I'll let the webmaster know.
tue 05:54pm@nastrus just the registration. Not my con or website.
wed 07:10am@zzyzx_xyzzy Loren Tarr, Madrona family dental. On spring btwn 33/34. Very recommended.
wed 08:01amI should start unfollowing everybody who doesn't bring me a sandwich.
wed 08:02am(if you don't get it, you don't read the right comics)
wed 08:22am@aithne damn you and your insufficiently promiscuous system security! also, wrong comic but good answer. ;;)
wed 08:44am@spinnerin ... didn't they just kill off dodgeball? And now they bring it back?
wed 08:52am@spinnerin Wait, you mean it's /less/ useful than dodgeball? ... huh. didn't think that could happen. ;;)
wed 08:57am@firesign3000 er.. it says it isn't available on the iphone yet. whatchu doin' der?
wed 09:01am@firesign3000 Oh, /reading/. I gave that up when I discovered the internet.
wed 09:10amHow the hell does a lizard beat spock?
wed 09:29amI honestly can't tell right now whether I'm really tired or depressed. Or maybe it's low blood sugar. Hm.
wed 09:59am@cheesentoast Yes. Er.. oh, damnit.
wed 10:29am@ann_lewis offers better impact protection, at least.
wed 11:04am@jani_s how about a big glass of chocolate milk? Feeling a bit better, but still generally down. On the other hand, reading wilw on tvsquad.
wed 11:05am@jani_s ... which is helping the mood considerably.
wed 12:53pmIs it a little weird to want to do some shopping just to get an email (with a coupon code) out of my inbox? It's been there since Nov 07.
wed 12:55pmARGH. They're doing something to the road in front of our house. It's very loud and annoying. Probably filling potholes.
wed 12:58pmThey're giving me a headache and making me very stabby. I might have to murder them all.
wed 12:59pmI mean, it's nice to get the potholes fixed. But THE NOISE.
wed 01:00pmIt's this combo middle- and low- pitched WHINE, that repeats over and over and over.
wed 01:05pmAnybody want an old mac CRT? Came with my Cube, clear plastic body, functional, but the stand is missing, presumed broken.
wed 01:29pmI would like to point out: 8 3ghz cores and 8gb of ram makes browsing with dozens and dozens of tabs open REALLY PLEASANT.
wed 01:29pm@kerrizor They invented this thing called a deli while you weren't looking... ::)
wed 01:39pm@kerrizor ah, yeah. well. I would never deny someone a kitchen gadget.
wed 01:45pm@tedder42 As I'm fond of saying, my first-world white middle-class problems bring all the social workers to the yard.
wed 01:54pm@kerrizor Because you never come over to get it when you say you will.
wed 02:19pm@employeeze something like that
wed 02:46pm@xopherg more than tin foil would. If you're falling out of a building, make sure she's between you and the ground. ;;)
wed 02:46pm@tedder42 Where's the fun in that?
wed 02:56pm@ann_lewis I'm just saying!
wed 02:56pm@ann_lewis It's not that I /want/ to fall out of a building with you. Just that, you know, I have /very/ strong self-preservation instincts.
wed 02:57pm@westseattleblog I've been following you for a while, and offering to bring coffee thru snow, and didn't know your name until now. fwiw.
wed 02:58pm@gabrielcain $preaching{target}=$choir;
wed 03:00pm@gabrielcain hey, if it /works/. My 3g doesn't get any better fix on my loc than the old one did. I eventually turned off my tracking script
wed 03:05pm@ann_lewis damnit!
wed 03:05pm@gabrielcain I can cope with being absolutely corrupted.
wed 03:06pm@gabrielcain besides. dividing that sort of thing leads to noninteroperability.
wed 03:06pm@gabrielcain There's a reason my car can't talk to my phone can't talk to my watch. Because the manufacturers SUCK.
wed 03:10pm@gabrielcain and don't even get me started on my camera (sony) and eyefi and ... .. yeah, not gonna start.
wed 03:19pmI need to stop adding more web comics to my daily routine. It already takes as much as 30 minutes to read them every day.
wed 03:19pmAnd yet, what am I working on at the moment?
wed 03:34pm@gabrielcain sadly incorrect.
wed 03:34pm@gabrielcain reading the archives of a new comic i'm adding to the roster, so I can keep up with it in real time.
wed 03:40pm@gabrielcain also, rocking the regexes. suffer at my hands, html!
wed 03:43pm25 messages in my inbox now.
wed 03:44pm@gabrielcain mind you, I /should/ be looking for a job. I need one more contact for this week.
wed 03:49pm@tedder42 Thanks. I'll keep that option in my pocket until I'm more desperate. Looks like there's an open spot at UW I can apply to. ::)
wed 03:58pmJust sent off an email to an interesting item I found on CL. Hoping it's not one I already contacted (don't think it is, but)
wed 04:03pmOk. got the statement from becu, which includes mortgage insurance. Glad I waited, that's another almost-$200 in refund.
wed 04:07pmI should stop mentioning products in my twitter. They end up following me. Hello, @EyeFiCard. I NEED A MEMORYSTICK VERSION!
wed 04:13pmTaxes are filed.
wed 04:13pm@jfew I came up with the idea back when CF was the standard for cameras. you'd think it'd've been an obvious first version.
wed 04:42pmAnd my UI claim for last week is done. Meh.
wed 05:17pmWoot. Place I just emailed a bit ago liked my resume and wants to talk.
wed 05:50pmObjectiveC is pissing me off.
wed 05:55pm@firesign3000 i wish. i'm teaching myself iphone programming. apple's all about the o-c. for some reason, my nsstring is bring invalidated.

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