Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 31 January

From my Twitter stream:
sat 08:01amI'm not buying today's shirt.woot, tho I really want to.
sat 08:02amSo, a credit card processing company had data stolen. ING let me know, and they're monitoring. now I'm getting emails for every payment.
sat 08:03amWhich is nice for now, but will get old quick.
sat 08:10am@antic Thanks, but I ended up just rolling my own. ::)
sat 08:15am@PopCap_Aoife Peggle Peggle Peggle! I knew I shoulda gotten in on the iphone internal testing when I had the chance...
sat 09:05amAm out of soda. Think I'll go to the store before I die from toxic levels of blood in my caffeine system.
sat 01:22pm@westseattleblog: costco, also madhouse. but LOTS of food to sample.
sat 03:24pmCostco parking lot: 100% always-defect. Qfc parking lot: plenty of stupid. Humanity: doomed.
sat 06:21pmOk. I think I've got the taxes sorted out. Adsense and T1 line are going in as self-employment income/expense, separate from midsys.
sat 06:21pmOne of these days, I should probably "sell" sightseer to midsys, along with all the server hardware, so it can all go under there.
sat 06:22pmWibbling about /actually/ filing the taxes now. Want the BECU mortgage paperwork to physically arrive first.
sat 09:06pm@sistawendy: hardly

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