Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
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Twitter posts from 30 January

From my Twitter stream:
fri 09:15amtaxes give me a headache. maybe I'll file my UI claim instead. ::P
fri 09:25amMore cats need to make Buckaroo Banzai references. The Back to the Future ref doesn't hurt either.
fri 09:40am@julzerator ooh, can I get a copy? I've tried to find a clean recording of the song, but haven't managed.
fri 09:46am@Jenk3 adsense revenue. It gets counted as business income, so I need to figure out if it goes under midsys or not.
fri 09:46am@Jenk3 If yes, there are home office deductions and such. I can write off a LOT of electricity.
fri 10:17amStaring at my todo list for the day. one item checked off (ui claim is filed).
fri 10:18amThe rest is... unappealing. well, except the ones I can't do right now.
fri 10:40am@pinguerin make sure you wear safety goggles and gloves. i expect the sledgehammers are splintery.
fri 10:41amYes, ladies and gentlemen, that is the quality of my humor today. Best just unfollow now.
fri 10:44amTrying to reflash the N800. Fucking software REDOWNLOADS the os update it just spent 20min downloading, if you have to retry.
fri 10:47amManually downloading the updates for the 800 and 770, will apply them the hard way.
fri 11:04amScheduling the DVR to record the superbowl, so a friend can watch it. Ick. Amused that the nearby stations are just "paid programming"
fri 11:15amWow. The latest software for the N800 is /snazzy/.
fri 11:16amI'm almost sad to be getting rid of it. Pity it's almost completely useless to me these days.
fri 11:59am@HollyQueen hehehe
fri 12:19pmUnexpected good news on the severance pay front. Mood somewhat lifted.
fri 02:22pmCan anybody recommend a trivial-to-use drop-in popover manager that'll load an html page and display it centered in the window?
fri 02:23pmlightbox doesn't like html, apparently, and lightwindow isn't showing the loading screen.
fri 02:28pm@spinnerin: sorry, I should have specified: already using prototype, would prefer not to bring in another big lib just for this. thx tho
fri 09:53pmAt the Jones.

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