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Twitter posts from 29 January

From my Twitter stream:
thu 09:43amBreakfast: beef ramen. Made with beef broth and my own special seasonings.
thu 09:45amAlmost feel bad wasting expensive Penzeys spices on ramen. But it's soo tasty.
thu 09:55am@beaq: good point
thu 10:07amWow. There are a LOT of free public domain books for the kindle. I wonder why my little auto-find-freebies search only just now told me.
thu 10:23amSuddenly reminded. My root-canalled tooth was hurting a lot last night. It wasn't hurting when I woke up. I think I dreamed it. ::/
thu 11:09amThere is technology, it exists, to turn any spoken voice into any other. I want it, and I want to feed Richard Boone's Smaug into it.
thu 12:22pmCan't find how much I paid for car registration last year. very frustrating.
thu 01:23pmFigured out where the money went. becu sent 1098 for heloc, not mortgage. Found numbers, $401 owed turns into $2895 refund. Whew.
thu 01:25pmNow I just wait for the official mortgage 1098, before filing. Maybe. Money sooner = better. *wibble*
thu 01:30pm@firesign3000: It would be nice. Tho, $15 says it won't work if you aren't on AT&T.
thu 02:56pmWOOHOO! RT @cnnbrk: The Illinois state legislature has ousted Gov. Rod Blagojevich after allegations of corruption.
thu 03:13pm@dianthus welcome to awakeland.

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