Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 26 January

From my Twitter stream:
mon 10:43amBoxes loaded in car for final PopCap evac. Still bored.
mon 10:44amGoogle says traffic north on 99 very bad. WTF? Maybe leave around 11 instead of 1120. Can be bored there too.
mon 11:35amAt myspace. Whee.
mon 01:58pmFeeling very old school. Not in a good way. "Back in my day we used tables for layout, and we liked it!"
mon 02:40pmDone. Felt ungood during earlier technicals. Felt good with group manager, but only one real technical question. We'll see.
mon 02:41pm@kerrizor there's still a lot css can't do.
mon 03:08pm@kerrizor so you see my problem
mon 03:09pmSitting at mcdonalds on s 4th, eating lunch before happy hour and loading out my ex office. Feeling a little depressed.
mon 03:14pmAm I the only one who finds the new mandated nutrition labels a little... I don't know... creepy?
mon 03:17pm@aghman I hate them no matter what. But at least in person the handwaving is more effective.
mon 03:18pm@Jamgrrl ??
mon 03:19pm@sistawendy fluid.
mon 03:35pm@Jamgrrl didn't Seattle or king county just add new requirements? Either way, there's way more text on my DQP box, and it disturbs me.
mon 03:59pm@ann_lewis eh, mostly just diet cherry pepsi these days, with the occassional sugar free sobe no fear. ::)
mon 04:02pm@firesign3000 exactly my point! But they shove it right in your face!
mon 04:03pmI'm a little disturbed to learn that amazon has switched to java/jsp primarily. I swear, I leave for two years and everything goes to hell.
mon 04:04pmAlso that @dagard was right. ;;)
mon 04:05pm@julzerator ::( *hug*
mon 05:25pmGot the rest of my office into the car, including my aeron. Almost forgot my cinderblock.
mon 06:10pmAm home. Depressy again. Also, starting headache.

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