Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 22 January

From my Twitter stream:
thu 09:49amAt endodontist. They use fujitsu tablet PC to get signatures for paperwork. So close to being in the 20th century!
thu 09:50amAm, however better off than some. Guy registering now has no dental coverage. Lady they were calling about when I arrived gets no endo. Sad.
thu 10:50amEndo decided to yank the nerve today, in between other patients. Will finish the fill later. So, getting numb.
thu 11:43amThis is going to consume my entire day, isn't it?
thu 12:02pmTooth is resisting.
thu 12:03pmFace numb. Tooth not. Temp crown staying on. Pain at removal attempts. Yay.
thu 12:10pmNew plan. Drill thru temp crown
thu 12:16pm@employeeze not prepped for general
thu 12:24pmSecond round of extra anesthetic. Whee. Everything numb but tooth. Tooth did not like clamp for dam.
thu 12:32pmAll prepped finally. Good bye nerve
thu 12:48pmI'm hungry. Will need lunch when done here. Where's a good place to get soup?
thu 01:55pmAm home now. First round anesthetic wearing off. Am in considerable and increasing pain. Took ibu, will take oxy with food
thu 04:38pmNarcotics making me woozy, but an hour's attempt to sleep was unproductive.
thu 05:01pmFound an interesting looking job post on craigslist. Emailed them. Got a bounce from CL saying the email wasn't working.
thu 06:12pmAttempting to stay vertical long enough to boil pasta. Lots of sitting required.
thu 06:38pm8 minutes to dinner. Am staying more or less on my feet.

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