Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

muddled brain is muddled

Endodontists' office says the financials won't be a problem. whether that means a payment plan, deferring the payment, or what, I dunno. We'll see tomorrow when I go in for eval.
Meanwhile, Dr T gave me a new scrip for oxy, which I started taking last night. It's not quite as effective overall as the ibu, as it doesn't do anything for the inflamation. But, I haven't tried taking it at max prescribed dose yet, so we'll see. Mixing it with less toxic doses of ibu should probably work out okay. we'll see. I haven't been on a significant amount of oxy for.. quite a while. I took one right after this tooth was prepped, two weeks ago, but I've had two in the last 12 hours, and am feeling a little fuzzy brained. Sigh. Great sitch for looking for a job.
Did not sleep well last night. Or, rather, much. Kept waking up. At least once because of a giant steel I-beam falling off the truck in front of me on the freeway. And spent most of the waking, and possibly some of the sleeping time, trying to figure out how to write a little program that gets loaded by a pxe boot instead of init that'll read a bunch of system parameters, mail them to me, then shut the machine down. I think I have a solution.
Rescheduled my friday endocrinologist appointment when i discovered it was in bellevue. next open slot in the seattle office was today (no) or 12 feb. Had planned (several times!) to spend this week gathering blood sugar readings. Didn't. Maybe I'll get some done before the new appt.
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