Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 20 January

From my Twitter stream:
tue 08:21amWatching inaug on cnnhd, then taking L to work and going to dentist. then trying to talk to HR after. What a day.
tue 08:41am@tonyawinter: I'll have myself sworn in on a stack of playboys and Make magazine.
tue 08:44amI think we also won't make such a big damned production of it. geez.
tue 09:07amThat could have gone better. I think judge boy was running a bit long per segment. Off to dentist.
tue 11:59am@westseattleblog !!! ::(
tue 03:25pmNo fone screen. Job got filled.
tue 03:27pm@westseattleblog damn, wish I'd seen you were at guadalupe; I'd've wandered over to say hello.
tue 03:30pm@biz That's awesome. I might have to build myself one.
tue 05:17pm@employeeze I've had several call that got me from you. This one is from Greythorn.
tue 05:23pmI really like that my endodontists have a web based patient forms system. I just wish it didn't suck. May offer to write them a better one.
tue 05:29pm@employeeze I'll write you an online patient records system, you give me three free root canals. What a deal! ::)

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