Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Oh, god, he's /cleaning/ again.

Does anybody want my old Tivo? I've got a lifetime-service series2 that I'm not likely to ever need again.
I've also got a previous-generation standard-def slingbox, which is also more or less useless to me (I'm eyeing the new ones pretty hard tho).
And, I've finally realized that I should probably officially retire Pentaquark, my Nokia N800 tablet, since I haven't actually used it for.. well, a very long time. At least since I got the iPhone. I've also got the 770 that preceeded it, if anybody /really/ wants that one.

Given the current financial situation, I'd obviously prefer, you know, money for them. Other offers entertained.

If nobody wants them, they'll just go into the ever-growing collection of no-longer-useful junk, but I figured I'd put them out there while they can still serve useful lives.
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