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Twitter posts from 16 January

From my Twitter stream:
fri 10:07am@gabrielcain not from the iPhone. Goog the name, click to all podcasts, all 60ss eps, 4th item.
fri 12:06pmDefinitely a little on the depressed side today. The back ache (think i slept wrong) and stomach upset (ibu? stress?) are not helping.
fri 01:31pmFinished myspace tech fone screen. I disagree on the 'average' hash table access being O(1). That's best, O(n) is worst, avg can't be best!
fri 01:32pmNot for arbitrary not-prev-known data.
fri 01:58pmTwo ibu at 1. Tooth still hurts. Ponder nuclear option (1 left).
fri 01:59pmI now have a functioning iPhone toolchain (open) on Arcturus. Whee. Official SDK is still downloading.
fri 02:03pmhm. not /quite/ working. a couple include files that are "missing". Grr.
fri 02:28pm@kerrizor: soooo many things. ;;)
fri 02:29pmok, fixed it by adding a -I to the path that gcc shoved stuff into. Whatever.
fri 02:33pmdamnit. and now ld is throwing complaints.
fri 02:42pmIgnoring ld complaints, installing app, signing... it doesn't run. doesn't /crash/, but doesn't .. do anything.
fri 02:48pm@jedifreeman: *sets you on fire*
fri 03:03pmAwesome. Even the example from the book's website doesn't run. (didn't compile either, originally)
fri 03:09pmGiving up on it for now. Might just install the compiler on the fone. Easier. Stupid computers.
fri 03:35pmIt apparently takes the Employment Security office two separate letters to ask you to validate your eligibility. ::/
fri 03:38pm@gabrielcain: one to say they're going to question it, one with the questions. ridiculous.
fri 03:48pm@gabrielcain: it's a bunch of "why were you fired?" "could you have avoided it?" stuff. Since I don't /know/ why, it will be easy to answer.
fri 04:04pm@PopCap_Aoife: finally getting around to watching that. dear lord. How can someone be so sheltered from pop culture?
fri 04:08pmDamnit. My EC2 book is still at popcap. I've /got/ to go in and get the rest of my stuff next week.
fri 06:44pm@jani_s well, I have a lot of crap, you remember. As hauled three boxes out, still a bookshelf, filing cabinet, and some lamps.

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